Notre-Dame fire was God’s fault

Take that, organized religion! The right wing has decided to land on the fire at Notre Dame cathedral as a symbol of the decline of Christianity in the west and is spouting all kinds of nonsense about the French and their somewhat cool connection to Roman Catholicism. That was predictable, but it puts a lot […]

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Who Knows What God Thinks?

I have no idea what God had in mind when my parents created me, the blue collar son of a blue collar dad and a high school drop out, and set me down to live my early life in Altoona, Pa. Did he check a box that said “robustly straight” on some heavenly form someplace. […]

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The Worst Job in Government

Hello Kevin McAleenan, welcome to the very worst job in the federal government, chief of the Department of Homeland Security. Of course its just “acting” chief, but anyone who took the job in the wake of Kirstjen Nielsen would be “acting” because, how long can this job last? President Trump has not built his border […]

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