Bernie's No Radical

Well, those of us who are passionate Democrats are never going to hear the end of this Bernie Sanders thing and what a mistake it is to hang socialism on a hook in front of President Trump just so he can attack it. That’s what you will hear. I think it’s bullshit, mainly because the […]

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Hear Me Shout!

The Nevada Democratic debate was troubling for an important reason that says a lot about us as a political nation: We have created a field of candidates whose most important asset is their capacity for shouting! Of What Value is that? I don’t know, but I do know that it makes it exceedingly hard to […]

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Meanwhile, over there!

I mean Not on the Democratic campaign trail. I mean at the U.S. Department of Justice, where William P. Barr either is or is NOT considering resigning because he has finally concluded he is working for a meddlesome, uncontrollable fool. I’ve seen more consistency and predictability among dating high schoolers. At least their motives are […]

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WELL, sooner to later it had to happen. Attorney General Barr now says President Trump’s ridiculous tweets are making impossible for him to do his job. Were I he (and I am not) I would just quit and stomp my feet as I left the building. Barr apparently has decided to drag this one out. […]


Stop pissing on Bernie!

Being a college professor was never an easy job if you took it seriously. You had to be frank with a lots of kids whose parents were spending money in hopes opportunity would come knocking when the degree was conferred. It does not, in most cases. I was a heroic professor and very highly rated […]

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Disaster Update!

I used to be so good at this when I was writing “overviews” for the newspaper. But that was, generally, a much quieter time with a news cycle that was about 16 hours long. Now its different. So updating on disasters is usually a minute by minute process. Here goes: It has been one of […]

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