President Trump and no mask

It would be a simple matter for President Trump to set an example for the nation by wearing a mask in public or, for example, when visiting a mask making factory. So why doesn’t he? His own answer is that he doesn’t want to give the media satisfaction, whatever that means, of seeing him masked. […]

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Pray indeed!

I think it’s ingenuous for President Trump to suggest churches reopen on Sunday because the nation certainly needs more prayer. It’s not the gesture I would associate very closely with President Trump, a strange man, often married, who thinks nothing of trying to wreck the lives of people who disagree with him. I wonder how […]

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Killing voting rights

Okay, the Republicans have been working for a while now to find a way to have some impact on the voting process in November, perhaps by building an army of poll watchers to poll watch in states where Donald Trump needs electoral votes to climb to the magical 270 that will make him president again. […]

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So now we arrive at President Trump’s most ridiculous creation, the “Obamagate” scandal, which he argues is the biggest, baddest worst…history’s most outrageous presidential scandal! So what does it involve? I can’t tell and he won’t tell. I think President Trump has finally reached the end of his tether and like the mad dog he […]

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Americans, PLEASE…

“Republicans rejected the legislation even before they saw it…” So this is what we get as the nation moves deeper into medical, moral and economic crisis? Republicans who spread the kiss of death all over anything that comes from Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats? What more proof do you need that the Trump era […]

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Why is this man so happy!

I mean me, of course. I don’t have any overwhelming reason for being so happy, and sometimes I am pretty miserable, I am troubled to admit. But the seasons are changing and President Trump is in deep trouble and the Democrats are rising, not like a rocket, but steadily! Good. I have a respectable crush […]

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