The Whining Boy

My bet would be the instant Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were out of hearing range she turned to him and asked, “Is he bleeding yet?” That was such a grand public introduction to the way its going to be for the foreseeable future I just want to imagine President Trump cut someplace where you […]

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The Feces, The Fan, The President

Okay, it’s the day of the filthy lying liars and a dollop of justice for them. In other words, the feces is hitting the fan.  President Trump should be worried, and apparently is. But first things first. Michael Cohen. Not the world’s greatest lawyer, it must be admitted, but a man who would do just […]

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Well, I have been waiting, it seems for two years, to lambaste the Republicans for what their behavior has cost them, all those Congressional seats and a return to the minority come January. But guess what, nah! They earned this and in the wake of reports they don’t seem to understand why a change in […]

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Trump Doesn’t Know “True”

Well, it would appear the special investigators report is on the horizon. You can tell because President Trump is getting even crazier! Now his thought seems to be that if you repeat the same old thing, it becomes real. Only in fantasyland, President Trump, and you are most certainly NOT Peter Pan or any other […]

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No such thing as truth

This is just one of the problems with our president. He has no appreciation for the truth, no matter who delivers it. The CIA, I am virtually certain, told him it had concluded that the murder of Saudi journalist Janan Kashoggi was ordered by the chief Saudi politico. He says he didn’t read it that […]

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