Trump: Now What?

So off he went to El Paso for a “rally” in an arena filled with fans even as Democrat Beto O’Rourke pulled his folks into the street to note the president, as usual, is wrong about the wall. I think its time for media to stop paying such close attention to everything President Trump does […]

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When Socialism was a threat

I’m writing a book now about coal mining in western Pennsylvania between about 1890 and 1940 and among the many remarkable things I have found in my searching is the nascent socialism of coal miners in Cambria County. So when President Trump rolled out the red flag in his state of the union address, I […]

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State of the Disunion

Here we are on the eve of one of the warmest buckets of spit government can ever present, the traditional “State of the Union” speech, which doesn’t have to even be a speech. We would be better served if President Trump just sent a brief letter or tweet or something to the hill saying, “Excellent […]

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Trump’s Big Basket of Lies

One thing we need to understand up front, President Trump doesn’t have to have committed an indictable offense in order to be defeated in 2020. Disliking him is enough for the process to reject him. And he is immensely disliked. It is highly unlikely that an impeachment process could achieve its objective. Hence, we have […]

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