Lesson from a Burned House

About fourteen months ago, we were awakened by screaming fire trucks and police cars and when we looked out the window to the northeast, we could see a house burning the next block over. Of course our first concern was for the people who lived there. Our son told us they were okay, but that […]

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Farewell to Bernie

Of all of the memorable moments in my 11 years of teaching college students at Roosevelt University, the one that remains most clearly etched involved the presidential election class I taught in 2016, when Donald Trump would stumble into the White House on a fluke. That opened the door to years of absolutely unacceptable behavior […]

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Finally, an actual debate!

That thing between Bernie and Biden last night, that was good. It wasn’t that one had better ideas at all. It was that they were both so human, so engaging. It wasn’t just old men screaming in a crowd of screaming wannabes, and we should learn a lesson from that. I don’t ever want to […]

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All Star Cabinet Lineup!

Well, we now know that, barring the lightning strike of nature and its penchant for hitting we geezers, either Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders is going to face Donald Trump this fall. Either one would be my favorite in that contest without any question. The problem is how much damage are the Democrats going to […]

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Bernie or Joe?

Give it some time and we will see which one of these old white men will be taking on the old white looney president in November. Bernie Sanders would bring a gut full of passion and lots of controversial ideas to the game. Joe Biden would bring good sense, goodness and a more traditional Democratic […]

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No Place For Old Men

The media universe has become a hostile place for old men. About time. I spent 42 years in a career dominated by old and young men and concluded, when the handwriting on the wall of the now transformed Tribune Tower in Chicago was clear, it was probably past time for me to go. So the […]

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A Better America

Well, you can debate about a lot of things in politics, but you can’t debate the outcome in South Carolina, the most diverse battleground so far in the Democratic primaries. Joe Biden won it all, from bottom to top with not much room for anyone else. Bernie Sanders was a distant second. Everyone else was […]

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