President Blabby’s New Enemies

So, now President Trump has added public broadsides at Mueller and his g-men to the long list of likely targets for his tweets. Are we surprised at this? Not me. It was inevitable because this is the ring into which the clown climbs all the time. Tweeting is pretty cheap circus, if you ask me, and not really worthy of a president. But maybe it’s all this man can muster.

He is increasingly isolated in his White House (or at his golf club or whatever other totally familiar place he escapes to) and gets to listen only to the echoes of his own ranting. He has no one around him to tell him he is packed full of poop and is becoming the nation’s most unwanted man more rapidly than any of his predecessors. He gets to spend the rest of his presidency watching his loyal 25 percent jump up and down in airplane hangers he is visiting while the rest of the world literally goes by.

I don’t have much more to say than this, and in truth, I’m just testing out this new (for me) blogging platform. So watch this space for actually thoughts in the future.  Curses on Facebook for selling us all out so easily. But maybe this place will be better. Charlie