Yet Another Unfortunate Connection Presents Itself…Or does it?

There is more news on the bimbo front for President Trump.

(I know the Bimbo thingie was mostly about President Clinton, but a Bimbo is a Bimbo is a Bimbo and a President is a President is a President, so why not?)

Here’s the news: Like Stormy Daniels, this woman got paid to hold off on the tell part of the kiss and tell. She got something like $20,000 more than Stormy Daniels got, but how and when, who knows?

I don’t know what she did or what he did. I’m just getting a little miffed that the extramarital behaviors (Or not, these may just be very smart gold diggers, after all. How do you measure veracity in a room full of liars?) that are coming to the fore just now. I most certainly will be watching 60 minutes to see what Stormy has to say about all of this. I’m tired of her already because she is popping up just about everywhere. One thing you have to say for her, she knows how to keep her name in the news. (Just like Trump, as a matter of fact.)

The last time we talked about presidential shenanigans it led to an impeachment of a president who apparently was loved by most people, so they couldn’t make a conviction out of it in the Senate. But Bill Clinton, the big dog, is another animal. He’s still as popular as can be, even more than his wife, who lost to the presidential oaf (but not by the actual vote count…damn this story is getting even stranger) who is at the center of this latest White House woman scandal.

Why is this happening?

Well, Donald Trump comes from a different world than the rest of us. Many a man or woman has cheated, slipped, stumbled, sinned, however you want to put it, felt bad about it, apologized and lived to apologize for another day.

But not Donald, who apparently does not apologize for anything to anyone ever. He is the greatest man who ever lived. What woman wouldn’t want to have sex with him? I can think of thousands, but it only takes a few.

How can this be?

He’s from showbiz world, and you know what that means! Las Vegas and sex go together like Arizona and poisonous snakes and scorpions and prime rib for $7.99. At any given point of any given day, at least a handful of folks are fornicating themselves blind in those great big hotels, just so they develop the special confidence it takes to go and lose more money than you and I will ever make. Men and Women, alike!

That’s Donald Trump’s world.

He was not good at it, but he owned a bunch of casinos. I’m sure there are dozens, maybe hundreds, of other women waiting to go on 60 minutes to tell bed time stories. Short bed time stories, I would wager.

Trump is a big fat liar who claims to have lots of money ( or is it just lots of debt?) and can have whatever he wants. Sometimes, obviously, he wants women who are tricked out to look like just what they do, very fancy pleasure gals eager to hook up with wealthy old farts.

I would not call them hookers, because they generally get paid on the spot for sex. These women had to wait a while for a relatively big payout  ($120,000 to $150,000 according to various news reports). Now they want their nondisclosure agreements to melt away so they can cash in even more. I say good for them. And more power to them. No amount of money would cover the emotional cost of sacking up with this guy.

That is business, people.

Maybe for an instant he thought they were in love with him.

I am trying to develop enough of a sense of pity for the man so that I can feel bad about him when he gets kicked out on the street in front of the White House. But that’s a big challenge. I could sign a confidentiality agreement, though, not to talk about our spectacular bed romps, even though I have never had one. Then I could get me $170,000 to stop blogging on this subject.

Then I could go to court to get that ban lifted so I could….

Never mind.