The passionate young march while the president heads out to play golf. Which Side Are You On?

This is a most heartening scene:

We all know what it means, why they are there, what they are asking for. Its a hard question, to be allowed to grow up without the chance of being gunned down in school by a crazy person with an assault rifle.

Call me naive, but I am with them on this. But I have a problem.

What this is all about is the best kind of publicity for public consumption, a vast media event that will provide tons of stuff to download to make the point about guns. The problem, I would argue, is that most of it is going to a converted audience.

Does it make you feel good when young people speak responsibly about something you have thought about? It should. People like to see fresh faces with passion in their hearts and the symbols of a political movement in their hands. Their friends have been killed, after all, so they deserve as much street time as they can get to make their point.

It should make you feel so good that you actually determine to do something about these awful murders instead of just waving our arms and signs and calling for, for what?

Changes in gun laws?

One person you don’t see in any of these pictures is President Trump. He is down south golfing, a fat man with a metal stick chasing a white ball (in a golf cart I suspect) down a course. It will take hours and the people with him will most certainly be telling him he is the greatest president ever, because that’s the only people he will have with him.

He is the man you have to convince, on one level, to get anything done. But as a measure of our disfunction, he was sent to Washington by people who are clueless about how to get things done, first, or second, don’t want any changes in gun laws. So the coward in him speaks loudly about not doing anything.

Wait, maybe that’s not fair. Maybe he is not a coward. Maybe he is just as stupid as a divot. We have no sign he knows how to get anything done. True, he unleashed tax “reform” on Congress and, true to form, everyone lined up with their particular special interest to pass it. They don’t even know what is in the new tax law, and neither does the president. That’s who we have elected (using that ‘we’ quite lightly.)

This is why our beloved friends in the street have a bigger long-term task ahead of them. Those who are of age best be voting in the November election. And they would be best spending their time targeting the reps they need to get rid of to get anything done on guns at all. These marches are wonderful, but it’s just too easy to ignore them and vote the way other special interests want them to vote.

They need to figure out a way to keep the message alive and moving, for some of them in aggressive plans to get as many like-minded voters to the polls as possible, for others, in using their well honed sense of drama to make a point at the polls.

It would be quite good to have a dozen or so of them near each polling station, not to interfere, just to make the point. All dressed in mourning black with a white slogan on their chests: “Vote to Keep Me Alive!” Let everyone know they have a choice that could help to change everything.