Vowel Movements from an Ignorant Man

My oh my, I am so tired of having a president who knows nothing! Now he’s back on DACA and Mexico and basically claiming he’s going to have it HIS way and say, “How about that Wall?” and everything else. It’s getting to the point where those of us who blog might just say, “Well, it’s Trump again” and let your imagination fill in the blanks. That, of course, would be lazy and wrong so instead, I will borrow someone else’s pretty smart story about immigration.

So much of what the culture embraces involves mythology and fabrication that it just doesn’t make much sense to search for reality, but, once again, the New York Times has delivered a nice reality.

The more immigration you have, the lower the crime rate goes!

That being the case, we should have fruit juice and sandwich stands on the southern border just to help folks fuel up as they move northward and make this place a lot safer than it has been. Trumps rantings are getting so depressing that I’m praying to become 71 as soon as possible so we can be rid of him. Imagine that!

I would like to note that the only adult comments about anything in the past couple of weeks have come either from teenagers on the march or from adults admiring them. That’s so refreshing compared to President Trump and his babbling.

Anyhow, the President’s latest rant about immigration was prompted by a Fox news TV story (What a shock!) about a whole bunch of people moving through Mexico to head to the U.S. border. Maybe true. Maybe not. Who can know? The point is it prompted a whole blithering collection of tweets about the subject from the president just before he headed off to an Episcopal Church for Easter Sunday liturgy where at some point he will be asked to face a stranger and give them the peace wish. I would rush to shower as quickly as I could.

(My apologies to the Episcopal Church.)

I can’t tell you how irritating this man has become. So I won’t.

Christ is Risen, as they say. Have a blessed day and a great time and remember, chocolate and ham, probably not a good combo.