President DACA-not proceeds!

He’s still at it. I can’t believe this. Even as joyous little kiddies prepare to hunt Easter eggs on the White House lawn, this unconscionably thick man continues to push an agenda that is simply hard for everyone!

Diligence requires that we research the issues before we start blathering but President Trump doesn’t know the meaning of the word. He feels, I suspect, that it is sufficient to have Fox News blabbering about something he can embrace. Then he embraces it and Fox News blabbers even more!

Today (Monday) it’s Easter Egg Roll day on the White House lawn. It was cold and damp but Trump proclaimed it great and moved on. As best I can tell , he did nothing overwhelmingly embarrassing, other than showing up with the First Lady, which has become embarrassing by definition because, what the hell is up with them?

That aside, it’s clear that President Trump still doesn’t understand the third rail nature of the DACA issue, how aggressive the Democrats are becoming about everything, and that dark, threatening figure over on stage right who just might be Director Mueller and his G-men. (I hope.)

How much more of this do we have to put up with?

If you are not registered to vote in November, get registered and go Democratic while you still can. This man needs more than a message from the electorate, he needs a great whopping! Go get whopping.