No Wonder He Loves Vladimir Putin!

Say conditions have gotten so bad in Finland that you simply have to sneak into Russia across the border and say you have slogged all the way to the border and say you actually got one foot into Russia, then what? Something military would most certainly happen. Don’t you think?

Okay, so no person in their right mind would go from what is in some views the happiest country in the whole damned world to one of the most miserable, so border  confrontations are most unlikely unless they are coming from the other direction. Who would want to give up the social and economic comforts of Finland?

But the Russians are paranoid about their borders and always have been. Stalin made certain that trains had to change their gauges at the border with Poland so no one could invade by train. They actually have to lift up passenger trains and put new carriages under them so they can make the transition from one country to another.

But WE are NOT like that. At least I thought we we not like that. Here is proof that if you wait long enough, even the worst things can happen.

It was not immediately clear what Mr. Trump meant by the remarks, or what the rationale would be for deploying United States troops to patrol or even seal the border at a time when the numbers of people being apprehended crossing illegally are down to their lowest level since 1971. (New York Times)

That’s right. He’s going to use the U.S. Army to protect our southern border from all those people who actually aren’t coming much anymore. This man knows nothing about much of anything, but that does not deter him.

It’s going to be interesting to see where this one leads!