President Flabbergast In West Virginia

So, our flabbergasting president went to West Virginia to talk about taxes and ended up erupting in a tirade of misinformation, hyperbole and just plain wrong stuff, something that has become so typical for the man it no longer surprises many of us.

It must have left lots of people wondering just what the hell he was up to. As usual, there was no explanation.  He was supposed to be bragging about the tax law he signed just a while ago to give Republicans some help moving into the midterms. But no, he decided to go all Trumpy on people and crash into this series of misstatements, lies, whatever.

Perhaps the worst covered the subject of rape. Recall that the president announced his campaign with a slap at Mexican immigrants, branded as rapists and criminals. He used the northward march of some people longing to get away from their terrible countries to kind of compress that thought into a general rant about rape, so much rape you couldn’t believe it.

The reason you couldn’t believe it is it was not true.

Fake news, as they say. The man traffics in it.

I originally planned to write all about fake news for this posting, but what the president presented was just too juicy to pass up. So later on that.