More Blather from the Lyin’ King

I don’t think we have ever had a president who was so nonchalant about lying through his big white teeth! Because of this, the president has had a difficult week. He just can’t seem to tell the truth about anything!

I can understand a little fibbing, you know. Everyone fibs now and then, perhaps unintentionally, but this man is just a big, bold liar about everything. That’s okay if he wants to make that his legacy, but it doesn’t work for a president.

Here is why.

Everyone in the world these days (and by that, I mean the past 20 years or so) has always been waiting to see what the United States would be doing on any major event anywhere that would require a nation to stand up and be counted.

We have been good at that until now. The presidential staff would surround the chief executive, pepper him with questions and ideas, conversation would ensue and then consensus would be achieved. Then an announcement would be made.

Now we do this without any of those preliminary steps. It is as though President Trump believes whatever he thinks is just fine. Oh, no. He actually does believe that whatever he thinks is just fine. How can we lead the world with that kind of behavior?

Just on policy questions the past few weeks, DACA, Russian shenanigans, big parades of South Americans trooping up from Mexico just because they want to make the same point they have been making for years, the president has failed us. He doesn’t have to agree with me on anything, of course, but I do expect a little thought beforehand.

But Trump simply babbles.

Were he not the president of the United States (Oh, God, please help us with that!) it would not matter. He could blather until he busts in Trump Tower someplace and it would not matter. But here, every utterance becomes news.

Most of it is not news. It is utterance. We need to learn how to make the distinction.

Can’t wait for him to not be president anymore!