Preparing for the weeks’ shitstorm!

Not much doubt about the fact that President Trump will continue his tweeting about James Comey, the gist of which is that he is a dishonest slimeball, and so on, ad nauseam.

Told ya! Outta control!

The president doesn’t know when to stop, let alone when to start. He can’t seem to let anything sit for the time it might take people to absorb it.

Monday morning, he was at it again, trying to paint Comey as some kind of master criminal.

Hence, much of what happens between the White House and the former director of the FBI happens at the speed of light and is overtaken by events long before you get a chance to catch up. That’s the nature of news these days, it just shows up and even with a huge rear view mirror, its hard to see it  in retrospect if you don’t catch it when it happens.

So journalism has a new role. It has always tried to present some context for events, but now it must provide explanatory context (did I just invent that?) so you can at least have a chance to background yourself. It would be a good daily job for a news operation to create these things and keep them updated.

That way, whenever President Flapdoodle emits a wordturd, you could turn to the explanation for some context, some history, something that puts it all in place.

So, here is a chance to catch up. Its a grand New York Times thingie that goes right back to when it all started between the Orangeorator and Comey.

No need to keep it at hand, but you do need to keep it all in your head whenever Trump starts tossing around slanders and lies again, which he seems to need to do with a frequency that is remarkable for its pace and lack of depth.

Best of luck with what is undoubtedly going to be a challenging week!