I don’t know what this study means but I think it’s telling us the white guy era is over and we’re so afraid of that we voted for the ultimate white guy. (But not ME!)

This may not be what the study referred to by the New York Times actually suggests, but I think you can put too much faith in the social sciences, which tend to want to quantify all kinds of things that are actually more like smoke on the wind. It may well indicate there is a fire, but where and what it threatens is anyone’s guess.

We are told now that it wasn’t a bad economy that led to so much support for our orange president. No, that wasn’t it at all. It was fear of the future and of what it will mean to lose your status in society. This implies a leap of faith to me that concludes that most people aren’t already aware of what is to come.

Let me be more specific.

The era of old white men at the top of the pyramid is over. Probably for old white women, too. As an old white man, you might think I feel a great sense of loss about that. But my power game ended a quite a while ago and now I am into expressing myself, building ukuleles, writing music and singing.

No one’s going to make a fortune doing any of that anymore. But it is fun.

Even I don’t care that much about what I think these days. That used to be so important to me I wrote about it all the time. Talk about smoke in the wind! It’s all gone, but I am still here. What did I change?

Only me.

However, that’s not the real point.

This social science study argues that Trump collected a lot of support from people who were worried that white folks will lose their mystical status in the culture. Well, I thought that happened when Barack Obama was elected president, frankly, and I was glad to see it come.

It’s such a burden being successful and white. It creates too many expectations, leads to too many broken promises, invites damaging hubris and basically chips away at the pedestal we created for ourselves after World War II.

Face it, we are not God’s gift to humanity at all.

In fact, we’re kind of a curse. Almost everything bad we are surrounded by today was created by we white guys, including the modern Republican Party, the shifty world of banking, garbage dumps, the pestilence of chemical agriculture, the Soviet Union and its successors in Eastern Europe and, face it, China.

Where’s your affection for white guys now, white guys?

As a white guy, I would love nothing more than to disappear into the haze of retirement with my accounts somewhat intact, my fingers still working, something of a robust appetite and the certainly that I am heading where every other white guy who ever lived is heading.

Before that time, though, I really just want to write some songs, play guitars, surround myself with my children and grandchildren and some friends and, most importantly, treat my wife very well.

The rest really was larded with bullshit, although I had a good time at it.