The Answers Are What Is Telling, and Who Leaked These Questions and Why?

Now we know…

Almost exactly what Director Mueller is looking for in the investigation of President Trump and misbehaviors of all kinds. But I would suggest the most important question is not on the list:

Who leaked this list of questions?

For his part, President Trump is being suitably aghast about the leaking of the list. He was tweeting about it Tuesday morning and no doubt it will occupy his focus for the next few days. That is good, because he needs to know what these questions are asking.

That probably seems obvious, but remember, this president has an attention span of about 40 to 50 seconds, and it would take longer than that just to read the explanation that goes with the first question.

My guess is they were leaked by someone close to the Trump effort who knows what a scatterbrain the man is but who wants him to know what is coming so he can at least prepare enough to avoid perjury or outright lying when Mr. Mueller and his team shows up (assuming that will ever happen.)

Questions, face it, are just questions. They don’t suggest anything more than what the words say, even though lots of folks are trying to pull meaning out of them.

The leak is almost certainly a Trump move on the part of someone who is very worried that the standard channel, a copy on paper of the questions and a discussion of what they might portend, would have about as much of a chance reaching Trumps brain as any other piece of complex logic.

But if he is not careful, Trump will find himself facing the frisk of his life as Director Mueller starts probing for real answers.