Oh, that Rascally Rudy And His Inability to Grasp the Right Facts About that Incident That Was Certainly Not An Affair I Had to Pay $130,000 to Keep That Exotic Woman Quiet…Not That She Was Exotic

Okay, we’ve now reached the point at which I could not care less what President Trump says about any of this, can happily continue to ignore Rudy “The Pop-eyed Hyperbolist” Giuliani and I don’t give a fig about what Sarah with the dark eye makeup says or the vaguely attractive blonde one who just pops up now and then and denies everything.

Not a bit about any of it.

Why am I writing this?

This doesn’t amount to a pot of pooh in my book. It’s no surprise that Trump lies all the time. We all knew that. It’s also no surprise that he would have to buy sex, like an embarrassed teenager with too much money but no damned sense at all.

Who would want him short of the bucks? Even Melania won’t hold his hand anymore.

I don’t know. It just feels somehow compelling in light of what the orange bloviator has now ‘splained about how his brand new lawyer and old friend from New York screwed the pooch in his first big appearance by being a little too frank about the “shut up” money. (I will bet she could have got more if she knew how this would play out.)

What they are trying to do is build a defense around an argument whatever money was paid to the squeeze was like personal cash not campaign funding, so it wasn’t illegal.

Briefly, I had an accountant whose operating philosophy was that money was fungible, that it could move anywhere and you could label it however you wanted. That one eventually cost me a tax penalty of something like $80,000, and I am not a wealthy man.

I sure got rid of him and he was happy to see me go, I think.

But the “fungible” part of the argument works the other way in this case. It doesn’t matter if he took it out of his wallet. He was running for president and this money was used to shut that woman up. Campaign. Personal accounts. Don’t care. It all seems felonious to me as a non-accountant. It will not go over well in the court of public opinion, I would suggest.

It didn’t work, of course, because this is the gang that could not shoot strait.

Who knows?

These people have now lied themselves into a vortex where they keep running into their own falsehoods.  I don’t really have a clue about any of it. I think I have been razzle-dazzled right into a dark little corner where I just say, “This can’t be happening,” and then wonder why I did not start smoking pot when i was young enough to actually benefit from it.

Should we “impeach” the president? Nah. Too messy. We should just let him swim in that ocean of lies until something very hungry comes along and snaps him up. Then we should stand on the sidelines and cheer whatever it was and hope this particular president never gets to come up for air.

I am speaking metaphorically, of course.

Now, it’s a lovely day to go to the market. So I am going to the market.