Please shut up, Donald

A perhaps novel thought about this president who is so much of the shooting off his mouth and not so much of the thinking about the consequences: Donald Trump, please shut up! I’m not picking on him, I’m just suggesting his “Let’s wait and see” kind of response to just about anything is driving everyone craaaaazy. I know he loves that because it gives him that feeling of great power, but it’s time to quiet, President Flapdoodle.

This news a couple of hours ago tells us why. Even as President Trump has hinted the meeting that was off is now on again, the Koreans north and south are gabbing about what to do. Wouldn’t you all love to get simultaneous translation of THAT meeting.

What does “crazy fuck” sound like in Korean?

Because that is what he sounds like. A craaaaazy fuck. One day he makes a formal announcement that it’s all off because the North Koreans have dissed our pale veep, and now he’s not so sure and people are still traveling and planning for a face to face sometime in the….future! Yeah! The Future.

Here’s how these things are supposed to go. People from the dark state (lifetime foreign policy bureaucrats) and undersecretaries and the like are supposed to hold actual meetings at which an agenda is hammered out and agreed upon. Then the stars can show up and, knowing not much at all about anything, smile for the cameras and hold a meeting in a spirit of peace and mutual admiration.

Happened all the time with the Russians in the old days. No one was ever surprised. A surprise would have wrecked everything. You know those prisoner swaps. They didn’t just happen. They were hammered out long before anyone got to walk across the bridge.

Not with this president.

All he actually wants is attention, so it’s easy to turn his head and get him to smile by not spitting at him or joking about his ridiculous hair. Make it seem like he’s a great statesman and he will step right into those shoes. He wouldn’t even have to do any studying because as we all know, he already KNOWS everything!

We already got our prisoners back, so maybe we should just drop the whole thing and go back to war threats. Or something.