The Trump problem is starting to feel criminal to me, and I don’t give a damn about Rosanne and what she says!


The plot, as they actually don’t say but should, is sickening. I’m talking about this backward looking New York Times story that focuses on one of those moments everyone has most likely forgotten, but which is highly revealing in retrospect. It’s the point at which President Trump is festering over Gen. Sessions decision to recuse himself from the Russia stuff. It’s pretty clear now he wanted to use his own Attorney General to put the brakes on the investigation of Russian influence in the election, of which there was lots.

Of course the fact that it comes just as Roseanne is cut loose to drift away on a wave of her own offensive rhetoric will probably help obscure the significance of the Times story since people in this country apparently only believe what they agree with. You know how this will play out. Trump has already sent condolences and claims he has also been abused and so on. That noise will take up lots of TV time because “ITS TV!” and no one will have the patience to read the big Times story.


That means I will have to summarize it here. There’s a meeting. Trump is livid about Session’s decision to recuse himself, which follows a strong Justice Department recommendation for that to happen. So, still a weasel but now distanced from the investigation, Sessions exists for months as a Trump rhetorical punching bag. He calls him all kinds of names but does not fire him.


Obstruction of justice would be the point. That is why this is all so interesting. Sessions could get away with just about anything at this point because any action against him just fuels that obstruction of justice claim. Also, he was from the Senate, and even though not beloved, those dudes understand their own.

Fast forward to post midterm election. The Democrats take the House and begin impeachment proceedings. The Senate, peeved that one of their own has been treated so badly by this lumbering Cheeto of a president, awaits the House decision so it can try the president.

Doesn’t feel very comforting, does it.

I have a solution for Trump. He should just quietly pack up and move to Mar-a-lago now and not tell anyone. Since he only actually communicates in tweets, he can do it from there just as well as from Washington. Also, he should avoid the plan to go out and campaign. Were I in charge of the Democrats, I would make certain a truth squad would follow him everywhere, not only calling him on lies of the moment, but building the tab on this most dishonest of scoundrels.