I See What’s Going On Here! Finally! We have shifted to ancient Rome.

It’s probably not actually very smart to put so many cards on the table, but that doesn’t matter because, after all, President Trump is a salesman, not a card player. His attorneys, it would appear, are dim people who will find some way to do whatever he wants them to do, then argue it’s abundantly simple and present some strange explanation for their reasoning.

This one is just too juicy to let go of.

It would seem the president and his collection of attorneys have decided he can literally do no wrong. The gist of it is that everyone in the executive branch of the federal government ultimately answers to the President of the United States, so he has the power to do whatever he wants to do to stop meddling. He can fire anyone he wants to fire, end any investigation he wants to end, do whatever settles in his head.

He apparently believes he could actually pop someone with a pistol and no one could charge him with murder.

I don’t think that is at all true, and even though he has assembled a collection of “scholars” who agree with him, they aren’t correct. Keep in mind one thing. No one in America is above or beyond the law. We have three branches of government to make sure of that, and the picture in Congress, where the Republicans have stuck their heads deep in the sand to avoid facing all of this, at the very least can change in November.

These Trump people are not advancing legal theory. This is political theory in preparation for the battle over public opinion that seems to me to be inevitable. As soon as the investigators drop their brief arguing for impeachment, or whatever, the Trump team will click in with this poop on the propaganda front.

If you read all of this stuff closely, the 20 page position papers leaked by the White House, the rationalizations after them, and so on, it’s pretty clear President Trump has decided the only people he actually needs to speak to form the heart of the Republican Party base.

The message to them is simple.

He is trying to act like God, which is pretty interesting because the most extreme example folks could draft over the weekend was that he was acting like King George III, a man beyond question who was, at times, nutty as an English fruit cake. What was interesting to me is that one person said that (I don’t know who) and then everyone jumped on it like flies on cow flop. I don’t think that King George III thing went far enough.

Trump is arguing that he is like God.

That puts him in the Caligula or Claudius camp. You remember “Claudius The God,” Robert Graves follow up to “I Claudius.” It was one of those “all power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” arguments. I think that is what we have here. The President has stepped over the line of reason and is acting as though his authority, his powers, come from heaven or someplace like it.

Of course, Claudius was a great emperor. 

President Trump, at times, seems more like Claudius’  predecessor, Caligula. 

He was vain, evil and perverse. Sorry. Sometimes the sandal just fits, you know?

How deeply Trump is willing to corkscrew into the rash assumption of infallibility remains to be seen. He’s listening, as usual, to the wrong people, those guys and gals who will try to tell him only what he wants to hear.

He needs a truth teller to follow him, to warn him that all fame is fleeting and that disasters reside just beyond the horizon.