A perfect storm of stories showing just how deep we are in the poo! Yikes! Now with an update!

So we start with the G-7 meeting and President Trump’s outrageous call for the return of the Russians and then shift to the latest round of indictments in the investigation of what the hell Trump and his former Campaign Chair Paul Manafort and his close little buddy thought they were doing and, finally, over to the Environmental Protection Agency, which apparently has decided to shed two thirds of its title, the words being environmental and protection.

That’s just one day’s news about the consequences of this troubling president and his mission to wreck anything good that anyone has ever done. It’s all here, from his denting of trade relationships just because, to his lying and cheating traitor campaign pals and finally, to the EPA, with no apparent concerns for air or water pollution if it comes from the right industries.

It’s also all right there in his remarks after his shortened mission to Canada and his hop off to Singapore to meet the North Koreans next week. On and on he goes about how he is a No. 10 with the allies and everything is dandy, then he empties his bladder on everyone, just because he can.

Maybe the best we can say about this is that President Trump is not diligent or smart enough to be abjectly corrupt, like Russian oligarchs and his buddy the Russian leader. Still, he is unraveling the whole ball of regulatory and relationship yarn that presidents have been tending carefully for decades.

This is corruption at its most blatant and worst.

America’s relations with its allies, once the gold standard in diplomacy, are being shattered with abandon by this crazy president. We’re slapping tariff’s on our closest allies and walking early out of the summit where these things get worked out. What a hopeless bozo the man is!

On the Russians, just read the stories and ask yourself some questions about what the president is up to. It is not a consoling process at all. The only thing that keeps me from calling him a traitor is that he is too dumb to understand the consequences of what he is doing. Traitors have brains. They have awarenesses of where the nation fits in the world. They make evil choices. This man has none of that. Too stupid to be evil.

The environment is a story all by itself, an agency run by a man who is either dumb or devious. Either way, the result is the same. Decades of diligence are being wiped away by this man and his appointees.

It’s time for us all to get off our butts and start working to get rid of anyone associated with this man come November election day. I consider myself a patriot. Nothing less will do.