Quebec, the G-7, Russia and our own trade buffoon.

Let’s see how far we get with our “allies” as the G-7 summit, meeting, whatever it is, proceeds. So far, what we have seen is a call from President Trump to let Russia back into the group (How Surprising!) and lots of grousing about lots of other stuff. The man is so far off base he’s out in right field someplace, not even on an extended baseline!

Doubtless you recalled the “G-8” meetings of old, with a newly welcomed Russia eager to brush up against the U.S. and its world allies. Becoming part of that group was going to “normalize” the Russians and help to make them lots more like us. That was a great plan, to take this ancient, aggressive former enemy to the death and give it a big economic hug.

See where that got us. The Russians sent the little green men into Ukraine, and more little  green men into Syria and Gawd only knows where else. So it didn’t work for the Russians.

But you would think it would continue to work for us. The arrival of President Trump also brought first threats and then action on some pretty restrictive trade actions, including a 25 percent tariff on steel and 10 percent on aluminum imports. The problem with this is that they land not on ideological enemies, but on allies like Canada and Mexico.

This is such wrong headed behavior that the president isn’t even going to spend the whole time at the G-7 summit. He’s blowing the pop stand a day short of the full event. Who benefits from that?

So now the allies have joined the growing army of folks who are pissed at our orange president and his shenanigans.

Pretty soon, no one will like us.

Except, of course, the Russians.