Something new from President Trump: Madness to his methods!

I’m kinda thinking this Trump has gone straight off his nut, racing with open arms toward a demonstrably loony North Korean while he leaves all of our traditional allies angry as hornets over his performance at the big G-7 Summit.

Generally when this kind of behavior occurs…Whoops! This kind of behavior has never occurred before so we can’t say that. The standard cliche would be “There is method to his madness” if something is accomplished.

Now we just have the madness to the methods of a man who abandons our traditional allies while he plays trading games with that stubby little murderous North Korean despot so he can swing him to OUR side with his amazing persuasive skills.

And he’s snooty about it, too! 

I don’t see anything good coming out of any of this.

Before we know it, our allies will be playing their own trade cards and slapping penalties on all kinds of stuff we ship their way, even as we slap penalties on what they ship to us. Then he will push for a summit with President Putin, just to rub in the fact he can do what he wants.

I can’t imagine the economy continuing to boom while we pursue trade wars that basically push us right in the faces of nations who should well be our firm friends. That’s how crazy this president is.

Meanwhile, who knows what is going to come out of the meeting with the North Koreans in Singapore. We’re going to pay for it, of course, but not just the hotel bills and lunch tickets for that fat little wad of a despot.

Who is the dotard now?