A Great Patriotic Victory (For Whom?)

Let me just step in with some rhetoric from my years in the Soviet Union to proclaim that nothing ever turns out the way it looks at first and that being said, I trust President Trump really enjoyed his lunch with the stubby little despot.

That would be Kim.

I spent a couple of years in Moscow for UPI back in the Cold War Days, and one thing I learned really well was not to be such a smarty pants in assessing what was going on because, dammit, you could not see it and never really knew.

It was all secret. The public statements on just about everything were for show. We reported all of it just as though it were real and then returned to our features on what a shit hole the Soviet Union actually was, with its ghastly public events and terrible rest rooms and all.

Same here in that people are reporting what everyone says without knowing what actually happened.

I have no faith in President Trump’s ability to remember anything about anything. I would expect there will be condos on the beaches of North Korea if this works out at all, but who can say?

What we had here was a one day event with little of the abundant preparation and negotiation that usually precedes diplomatic developments. Kim says he got big concessions from Trump.  What Trump got is still unknown because, well, maybe its nothing!

I waited a couple of days to pop off on this stuff because I wanted to read some history and see which way the winds were blowing. The president, despite his bluster, didn’t get beyond where other negotiations over the years had put the two sides. Usually, you get a list after one of these sessions that details what was achieved. No list this time.

So what we get is to save some money on joint military exercises with the South Koreans (which they paid for most of anyhow) and bragging rights to say that we got the odious little boobie to sit down to lunch and gab about the future.

So basically, aside from calling off military exercises that played an important role in keeping Kim in check, we got what Dennis Rodman got when he visited.

Well shit.

What did Kim get? Immense bragging rights. He went from being the reviled dictator of a nation no one wants to go to, to being the reviled dictator of a nation no one wants to go to with some personal photos of President Trump and a cancelled joint military play date!

You think he’s melting his nukes down into plowshares so he can grow something his folks can eat? Get real.

He couldn’t afford the hotel room.

People are going to keep gassing on about this for the next couple of weeks, with Trump followers praising the man to the skies and his enemies continuing to demonize everything he does.

All I hope is that Robert Mueller was still at work as this little theater piece played out.