They Could Be…

Hmmm, now we have another version of why ICE folks are snatching children from their parents at the border. It’s all part of President Trump’s “they could be…” argument for acting like Nazis in 1936.

Lets just make some substitutions.

Instead of being the children of people coming here longing to be free from whatever nightmare follows them, they could be “Irish!” Or the could be “Jews”, or they could be “escaped slaves” or they could be…what?

Our bonehead president has no sense of history at all on so many levels, but I don’t think those of us on the other side of the argument can stick our heads in the muck and pretend we have a glorious history on immigration and human rights, either.

Granted we welcomed lots of immigrant workers back when we had coal mines to dig, railroads to build, canals to excavate and so on. As soon as they arrived we treated them like shit and worked most of them half to death building America.

And lets not even get into a discussion of the native peoples who were already here when we arrived. We pushed them so far into the woods and then onto the plains and then away from anything We wanted, they all but disappeared. Sure we had some wars with them, but wouldn’t you fight if foreigners came to take your space?

Of course you would.

So fast forward and look at what our government is doing this time.

Having missed the history lesson presented by Germany, the history lesson presented by 19th Century America, the history lesson provided by the incarceration of the Japanese at the beginning of World War II, and so many other examples, now we’re creating another one.

This is all happening because we all didn’t go out to vote in 2016 in such huge numbers we crushed the Trump campaign under a big blue anvil. We elected his man by staying home. Now children are being snatched from their parents because of that.

If there is a hell, I suspect that’s where he’s going to end up. But I would rather just have him humiliated here, charged with crimes against humanity, and shuffled off to some jail someplace for rich people.

Not going to happen, of course, but we can always dream!