This debacle raises big questions about incompetence, malfeasance and so on…

Does anyone actually know what is going on?

It would seem despite backing away from making breaking up immigrant families official federal policy, President Trump and his folks now have plans to stuff them away, intact, in military bases.

What could possibly go wrong?

Lots of things, given the track record of the White House on this particular incident. The President set out to use these families as leverage to get Congress to do something, but you can’t tell what he wanted from his remarks. People assume its part of his “chaos as government” style. I don’t think so. I think he was just being thoughtless.

An uproar ensued once people got the image of federal agents stripping kids from families to put them in something that looks like one of those refugee camps in Eastern Europe.

Now we have a building set of questions no one seems ready to answer: What has happened to the children already federally snatched? Why are they being tossed to the northeast, upper midwest and other places that are clearly no where near the southern border? Who is watching over these children? Are they trained? Is there proper medical care? Who comforts them at night when they wake up weeping?

I have dozens of questions like those, none of them with answers.

Having spent a lifetime covering news stories about things that went terribly wrong despite good intentions, I can assure you there is no way this is can work, because not even the intentions are proper. The President is proving himself to be the New Jersey version of scumbag, an all purpose low-life kind of description.

Pray for protection for these children.

Following the story on AP, I read this:

“Parents who remained locked up struggled to get in touch with children being held in many cases hundreds of miles away. Some said they didn’t even know where their children were. Others said they had been deported without them.”

How can we have done this? We are stranding children and their parents, cutting their lifelines. He may be too egocentric to recognize it, or too stupid, but this is a clear consequence for something President Trump did. Buck-passing will not work.

Get off your backsides and get working on midterm election candidates. Count the days until we can get rid of this evil, troubling and vastly incompetent man.

The only consolation here is that if it’s kids we are planning to stop on the southern side of the border, the President’s excellent wonderful wall won’t have to be very tall.