Ludicrous Side Things in the Immigration Debacle! Rev. Huckabee’s MS-13 thing!

One might spend all the day and night commenting on these kinds of things, but I choose not to, except for this one from former Gov. Huckabee, Sarah’s dad and, apparently, not much of a minister of Christ at all given this stupid trick.

He used his platform to joke about Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s staff, posting a picture purporting to show some MS-13 Gang members doing signs and all. I guess the Rev. Huckabee thought it was funny. But of course it was not.

I think this has happened because President Trump has let his imagination out of its box and unleashed all manner of lies and slanders in his attempt to gin up his base and build those numbers heading into the midterm election.

So Huckabee apparently decided to join in with this thing. Very foolish behavior for a man of the cloth, and just as foolish as a man who wants to stay in the public eye unless something comes up he might take advantage of.

Remember back when he was famous for playing the bass as he was running for the GOP nomination. He wasn’t much of a bass player, but that would be better than what he has become.

I’m sorry I don’t want to chase all of this poop down. It’s not worth it.

You know these people and you know how they are.

Also, it was unacceptable that Sarah and her pals got chased out of a restaurant by an owner who disagrees. They were there to buy food and eat, not to get political advice. It was a big mistake to ask her to leave. We still live in a free country.