Helsinki: I’m not watching this. Here’s why!

So the eyes of the world will be on Helsinki as President Trump meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin for a while. I’m not going to follow this.

I think I know what will happen. Trump will bluster about his own greatness. Putin will nod and shake his hand and smile that terrible “I know what’s in you” smile as he picks the United States pocket.

He will tell Trump he didn’t do it (election interference) and Trump will announce that he believes him and that a great rebirth has come for the Russian-American relationship. We won’t have any idea what happened and even after Trump tells us, we still won’t have any idea what happened.

This is a waste of the world’s time at the end of President Trump’s terrible European romp, in which nothing was accomplished but bile pumping and anger from people who used to be dependable allies.

Can’t wait until this man is gone.