The Traitor President

This is a hard one to write.

I have never been shy about expressing my dislike of President Trump. I think he is stupid and boring and perfectly suited for nothing more than whacking away at a golf ball on a course he owns.

But he did win enough electoral votes to become president. He did defeat Hillary Clinton, who was my candidate. Having covered many presidential races, I do respect the process, even if the outcome kind of makes you want to gag.

I don’t feel that way about President Trump any more.

I believe he is a traitor. Maybe he is too stupid to  understand that. But that does not change the outcome. He is compromised because of his fawning admiration for a former Soviet era KGB officer and current despot, Russian President Vladimir Putin, the leader behind election meddling, poisoning his enemies, sending goons to murder his critics in some cases.

Trump has chosen to betray his own intelligence services, who concluded long ago that the Russians were up to their eyes in meddling in the 2016 election. He keeps denying that and insisting there was no collusion with the Russians.

Yes, there was.

Maybe not on his part until the Helsinki meeting, but certainly now. What was that display in Helsinki other than collusion?

We are in for a difficult time, but we need to shed the idea that that this man is working in our interest.

He has set corporate wolves on the the long running effort to clean up the environment. He lies all the time about everything. He has wrecked the careful and powerful relationship that evolved with our allies in Europe after World War II.

I am certain he will have some babble to spout when he gets back here.

Ignore it.

The man is a traitor.