Some Democrats Are Cowards

Not all of them, mind you, but the ones who won’t call President Trump a traitor for his comments to Vladimir Putin at the Helsinki “summit”.

Of course, the President has skittered all over the playing field since he returned home and now is claiming he was tough as could be during his private meeting with Putin, warning him to not fool around with our elections. Let’s see, there was the double negative bind, then another reversal and now the “I was so tough with him” argument.

Oh, yes, and then there’s the argument that there might have been “others” who tried to crash the election. Hmmmm. Who would benefit from all that? Not the legendary 400 pound guy sitting in his bed in New Jersey (Or was he just referring to Chris Christie?)


I don’t believe that for a minute and I don’t think you should either. He lies so easily and gets away with it so much. We need for him to stop doing that, but the fact is he would not know a lie if it jumped up and bit him.

President Trump is scrambling because he got caught colluding with one of this nation’s greatest enemies. Now he is claiming great things will flow from this event, just as he claimed he has NATO rolling in cash and stronger than ever after his embarrassing behavior with our allies and his claim it outlived its usefulness.

This is a shameless liar and terrible politician.

But what’s the excuse for the Democrats.

Or are they Scaredy-crats these days, afraid Trump’s mix of bluster and his army of deplorables (there’s that word again, and I’m using it on purpose!) will win the day by pouring his standard mix of bluster and bullshit on them.

Grow some orbs, men and women (Sorry, it’s just too good a metaphor to rule out just because women in the face of Trump can become pussies, too! Oh, no. I’m not sorry I said that, but I should be.)

Someone with some weight on the Democrat side needs to call him a traitor just to get that on the record in a solid way before the battle heats up.

For the record, I’m not leaving the United States no matter what this fool does. But it’s making me very mad to stay here with him in the White House.