It’s not just about watching hookers pee on a bed once used by the Obamas in Moscow anymore, I would suggest

One vexing problem with President Trump is that he thinks like a rolling train wreck. The engine is still on the tracks, but everything behind it is being dragged all over the place and mashing up the narrative as it  crunches along.

This will continue until someone flicks the off switch!

How’s THAT for  metaphor?

Okay, there are better metaphors, but it’s Sunday morning and raining and even though I have walked the dog and practiced some guitar and had a fine peach for breakfast, the president is still a rolling train wreck leaving a trail of smelly carnage along the way.

None of that relates to anything but itself, which is the big problem with this whole presidency. Just when you think you understand what has happened, this mendacious Orange fabricator tosses a new ingredient into the mix.

Remember the stories about Trump watching hookers pee on a bed the Obamas used in Moscow? Well, first, what a delightful look at the kind of thing that excites this farty old man!

Watching women urinate on the bed of a hated predecessor, now there’s stimulus!

But that stuff is all so far in the rear view mirror you can barely remember seeing any of it. It’s kind of hard to forget, fortunately, because we do still need measures that tell us what kind of a person we have sent to the White House.

(I know, you can say, “He’s not MY president” all you want. But he still is. You can start fixing that in November, if Trump hasn’t flat given the entire country to Vladimort, the evil prince who…no, wait, that was Harry Potter.)

Damn! Vladimir, yes, that’s it, the Russian Kleptocrat. It’s a bad sign when you get your fictional despots and criminals mixed up with your real ones. But that’s what is happening. It’s too much for any of us to absorb.

It’s all basically poop chili made from this big list of crappy ingredients, as this morning’s disclosure shows.  He read some stories about disclosures attached to the warrant that advanced one little part of the investigation and now he is spitting out tweet turds with abandon, complete with a wacky interpretation of what it all means. Of course, there’s Crooked Hillary on the horizon.

He always does this. He pumped out more versions of what actually happened in Moscow than you can itemize, and we still have no idea what happened in Moscow. Now the wants Vladimort to come to the White House for more gabbing.

Can’t someone stop this guy. At some point, this chili becomes so toxic even smelling it (and it surely stinks) could bring on some kind of shock.

Finally, get ready to vote in November. You are our only hope, Obiwan. (Geeze! There it is again!)