The Plot Sicken…Thickens! Mueller, Trump and the tweets

Well, it’s a new world. If we had tried to discuss a decade or so ago what to do about a president who “tweeted” no one would know what we were talking about. Then if you explained it as a guy who broadcasts his unfiltered thoughts early each morning you would say, “No way!”

Well, here were are in the present and most certainly it is time to say “Way” on the tweet thing and give it a very close look. Just because it hasn’t happened before doesn’t mean its okay. It just means it hasn’t happened before.

One of the lovely things about tweeting is the ephemeral nature of how it happens and then sort of just evaporates, like spit on a hot griddle. Except that it doesn’t. We now have an abundance of evidence that President Trump starts each day as though it were the first moment of his presidency, with a barrage of outrageous rhetoric that gets everyone hopping. Still, it doesn’t mean anything, does it?

Actually, it does. I might tweet and you would be safe to ignore it, but when the President of the United States belches out his dark thoughts for everyone to read, it does some stuff. One thing it might do is put a chill on the thought that we’re a fair-minded nation led by fair minded folks. Not the case this time around.

So what Director Mueller is actually reviewing, I think, is the nature of Trump’s tweeting, the timing and the targets. Obstruction of justice is a fancy way to describe this: “I thought he was threatening me so I would not tell the truth about him!” There’s lots of evidence of this. Just this one Times story is a timeline of odious tweets from the President that could be viewed as a collection of attempts to intimidate people.

We’ll see what happens with this. It could be Trump will come face to face with an actual consequence, a rare event in his life and in ours too. At least that’s what I hope.