Dear God, help them to not screw it up!

Goodness, the scrambling around has become so complicated its impossible to figure out who is saying what about what! Pretty clear at this point that Rudy Giuliani will say whatever he thinks he has to say then build an argument you won’t understand just to defend it. This is what life has become under Trump. Lie, lie, lie, fabricate, lie some more. I am getting tired of this.

But that doesn’t matter. What matters are the projections for November and the likelihood of a change in Congress to give the Democrats control of the house. We need to  pray about a couple of things: 1.Dear God, help them to not screw it up in so determined a way this time! and 2. Get some leadership that people will actually follow!

These are not small points. We have seen the Democrats self destruct on so many levels so many times its a pretty safe bet that given a rubber mallet, they could dent a steel ball. But they should work really hard not to. What they need to do is unleash some huge House investigations about Trump and all aspects of his performance.

They aren’t aimed at anything other than whittling this small hearted, small minded man down to a much smaller stature. That way we can just ignore him without any concern that he will actually be able to do anything. Congress, its hands on the pursestrings, can stop lots of crap from happening.

Then we need to stir up the political pot. The first thing about that is to recognize that Democratic Socialism didn’t and doesn’t come from the Kremlin, doesn’t look at all like Marxism and is just another way to approach the question of the public good, which Trump is ignoring as he wrecks the very idea of government.

We should be encouraging anything that is not xenophobic, racist or self-important. Just go for people who want to make America kind again. That’s a hat for you, MAKA!

That would be a blue hat, of course.

Short of that, let the blubbery old gas bag keep on bloviating. The more he says, the less chance he will ever have of getting good people to back him. Which is grand, because most of all, we are almost all good people!