Trump: Embracing your inner failure!

So, the man now says he wants money for his ridiculous wall or by GAWD! (my emphasis, not his) he will shut down the government!

Who is that going to punish? The man works, what, three to four days a week and then goes off to one of his golf clubs, so it’s not like stuff will be stacking up to the ceiling while he is gone. Hundreds of federal positions have not been filled. His cabinet officers are de facto shut down artists anyhow so where’s the difference?

Maybe a better threat would be: “If you don’t give me the money for the wall, I’m going to go away and not come back until I get it!”

That would be jolly because, after all, who would not want to see him go?

It’s better than threatening to hold your breath because, after all, nature takes over after a while and you are breathing again. But leaving until he gets his way, that’s a different kind of protest, and perfectly suited to the times.

He’s sitting square in the way of a big ass kicking in November, so what does it matter if he just goes away to one of his playgrounds and stays out of the limelight.

It’s fun to speculate about this but that’s never going to happen because, and there is no doubt about this, without public attention Trump would wither and die like a sick grape on a pestilent vine.

He has to be the center of attention.

So shut it down, Donald, and let’s see what happens in November.

Or just go away. I could embrace that, too!