Sidestepping President Oblivious

I can’t tell you how tickled I was when I read this story because it is so revealing about life in the higher reaches of the Trump bureaucracy. He pays no attention to what anyone tells him and is worthless as a negotiator, so the smarter people around him do just what I would do, or maybe you, too, if you were in that circumstance.

End run.

All you have to say to President Trump is anything global and before you know it, he will put dents in it and try to kick it in a soft spot and do everything else he can think of on short notice (ALL of President Trump’s thoughts are on short notice) to wreck whatever it is that you are advancing.

Here is how you get around that problem.

Just factor him out of the decision making! And one good way to do that is to make the decision before he even  realizes it has been advanced. He’s that stupid, apparently, and that self-centered that he can’t imagine a world that does not have his troubling, fragile ego passing through its center.

The long story short on this one is that the people in actual charge of policy (the ones who have undoubtedly saved us 100 times in the past couple of years) simply set it up so the agreement was reached before Trump showed up.

That is actually brilliant.

What it means, of course, is that the Russian American relationship is not about his obsequious pandering to Vladimir Putin, it’s about what happened behind the scenes with American diplomats and decision makers laying even more punishment on the Russian economy for its behavior.

Probably the same thing was at work with the session with North Korea’s Little Rocket Man, which looked like such fun on TV. Behind the scenes, it was quite clear that although the president took that bait right down to his lower intestine, the people who actually know foreign policy did not.

Nothing has happened yet, and probably nothing will happen in the future. It was all for show. Rocket man will keep building rockets and making nukes, our delusional president will keep telling himself he saved our world, and the rest of us can thank God that there actually is a “deep state” that acts as a check on his foolishness.

Except it’s not a “deep state” at all. It’s just government, doing its best to protect us from this creepy toad of a president.