The Presinator Flubs Another One!

How hard is it to understand that, even if you hated someone who was a long-standing figure on the world stage, you must pay due respect when that character dies. Enemy or not, John McCain was first of all An American, and should get high honors just for doing that job so well.

But the Presinator in the White House apparently smarmed his way through managing not to keep the White House flag at half-staff, something that should be automatic when a man of the Senator’s status dies. It came down for half a day or so, then popped right back up, which was the key for the feces to hit the fan.

Once again, the Presinator snatched embarrassment and anger from the jaws of what might have been a nice peace gesture, McCain being dead and all. But that was not ever going to happen because…I can’t even remember why, it was that shabby.

Probably something during the campaign when the Senator slapped the Presinator wanna be with a nice label, like asshole or something. Who knows what really caused it? But it brought out the shabby in Trump. And there is lots of shabby to bring out in that man.

It could be that Trump never got over his stupid characterization way back when he said he liked people who didn’t get captured in Vietnam, not people who got captured, imprisoned, tortured, bent, broken and bruised all over for his country. Or it might be the night McCain stuck his thumb right up the Presinator’s…um…nose!, on the death vote for the bill to kill Obama care.

The Presinator was, of course, home nursing his bone spurs when the Senator was being tortured for what, six years, in Vietnam so we must excuse him for not knowing what torments the senator suffered….

Wait a minute! No, we don’t have to excuse him. It would be nice to excuse him from office in 2020 by a resounding measure. But we have to wait for that.

The Senator’s wait, bless him, is over.