The McCain Farewell…

She is one scrappy daughter, Meghan McCain, and she showed it at her father’s funeral.

This has always been a great country and remains a great country. There is no need to make it great again. This, of course, was aimed directly at the bloviating White House duffer who found himself playing golf at one of his clubs while most of the rest of the nation was paying tribute.

Not all of it, of course.

Blind Trump Believers (and there may be nothing but blind believers at this stage because to look at what the man has done is to shred his rep and his rhetoric) pounced on the tributes paid to McCain by his daughter, fomer presidents Barack Obama and George Bush and everyone else who tried to inspire the nation as it said farewell to a hero known as much for his contemporary brassiness as his service as a prisoner during the Vietnam War.

You know the act. Starts with cheering the president and closes with “lock her up,” and hits about a dozen well worn points in between. Were Trump available, I am certain he would have recounted how he won the presidency and how so many illegal immigrants voted and so on…

All bullshit, frankly.

I am sorry McCain is gone because it’s hard to lose another heroic figure, no matter his politics. I am really sorry there is no one with the brass on the Republican side to stand up to this foolish gasbag of a president.

Perhaps someone will emerge once it becomes apparent it is safe to be thoughtful. Or maybe that was just beaten out of the Republicans by Trump and his pack.

Hope not.