Who is lying here? A White House in collapse points fingers

So what is the truth?

If you haven’t read about Bob Woodward’s new book by now, you are either oblivious to things political, so loyal to President Trump you wouldn’t even consider such a thing, or dumb as a brick. Or perhaps all three! Of all the hot rhetoric over the past couple of years about Trump behavior that would be a game changer, this book, a description of his loony behaviors, is going to be a game changer.


It makes the debatably indefensible positively indefensible!

That means that in Congress, only the most blind believers will be able to stay on board over time. Add the shifting opinions– and believe me, they are shifting– to the midterm election outcomes in November, and the president is in feces right up to his carefully manicured head ornament.

Trump denies everything, of course, and lots of people quoted in the book are fudging what they are alleged to have said. Of course that would happen in a place that has become the capital of mendacity. He is such a nut case that those people who are trying to control his excesses probably feel obliged to stay.

But that’s not that point.

The point is that the description of a lying, ignorant, crude and thoughtless leader fits the man in the Oval office just like his golf shoes. I am not shocked by anything I heard and I am eager to read it, because I don’t think I will be shocked by anything I hear, too!

Here’s the long and short of the argument, for my money. It will be time soon to push politics aside. The argument that Republicans stick together just doesn’t work in this case for so many obvious reasons. His disapproval rating is at 60 percent in some polls. He is moving into the “reviled” category.

He is not up to the job, not up to the image of what a president should be, not even up to the image he created for himself.

A cicada husk has more integrity than this guy.

Find a decent way to get rid of him, please.