Combatting Oval Incompetence

I never thought I would see this day, where you could ask the question, “Is it best to ignore orders from the president of the United States?” We have just never been set up to deal with something like that. Sure, in President Nixon’s darkest days, the Defense Secretary let it be known the ranting drunk’s orders should be ignored.

This is different.

Trump is not a ranting drunk like Richard Nixon.

He is an incompetent ranting fool, apparently, in so many ways it would take chapters to detail them (See Bob Woodward’s upcoming book, “Fear”) Obviously, he is unaware of his own weaknesses. That’s probably the price you pay for surrounding yourself with cowering “yes Donald” people all your life.

So, you all know the story.

A collection of them has secretly gathered to keep close watch on the president’s behavior, creating the policy version of one of those gravel filled off ramps for runaway trucks on the side of steep mountains.

Stops them right in their tracks.

But someone has to steer the truck into the off ramp for it to work. Now we have a secret team to do that. The president is livid about it. How dare they? And so on. The whole story was on the op ed page of the New York Times this morning, so you can read it there or here online.

I highly recommend it if you are having trouble keeping awake far into the night. It is that troubling on so many levels.

If you are not gearing up to vote for Democrats in November, you should. I do understand that government sometimes creates clown shows (after all, I covered the legislature in Pennsylvania long ago).

An even stronger message must be sent.