The Clean Dirty Way to Get Rid of Trump

There is no denying these are great numbers!

President Trump cited these kinds of things repeatedly during his loud visit to Montana the other day, where he talked about beautiful coal and the great things it was going to do and lots of other positive things that, given Trump’s track record, may or may not be correct. That’s for some fact checker to run down.

But here is something we have to recognize. If this whole rolling poop-storm of an administration ends up before House prosecutors, or federal prosecutors, any kind of prosecutor, actually, the one answer that will not act as a defense would be “My numbers are great. I have the greatest numbers ever.”

That’s clearly not the case.

Here is an array of polling results that paint a more accurate picture of where the president stands with the public. Keep visiting this site as time passes to get a more complete picture of how terribly he is doing.

It is heartening to have lots of jobs added to the jobs list, and for sure, if it were moving in the other direction, the media and I would be making loud noises about the failure of the economy. So kudos President Trump. But what does this have to do with the fact that many members of your administration see you as incompetent or worse?

Nothing, which is why going out on the trail and pumping out hyperbolic versions of what the economy is doing doesn’t help the case. Actually, there is no case yet, but it looks like things are coming together in Director Mueller’s probe. And things are coming together in the world of public opinion, too.

You can tell the president is worried because he called for an investigation just this morning into who wrote the op ed piece in the New York Times that so embodies the problems in this administration.

No matter what President Trump says, his personal numbers are simply awful, very high disapproval ratings, bad performance reviews in a collection of important areas and the national conclusion that the man lies right through is teeth. What kind of a president does that?

This kind of a president is the answer to that one.

Why can’t we just get rid of him?

It’s the system. It is elegant, complicated and makes it difficult to jettison even this awful public embarrassment of a president. The founding fathers, and everyone since then, did not want us to be able to dump presidents easily. A lot of people have to jump through a lot of hoops to make that happen.

And it is unlikely that impeachment will be the result.

Here is what the likely result will be. A huge defeat in the upcoming midterm elections, Democratic control of the House and maybe even the Senate, too, and a crack in the earthen dam that is holding all this shit back.

Earthen dams are interesting. The Johnstown Flood was a case in point. Once the water started rolling over the top of that old dirt damn, no one could stop it. It ate right down through the center and unleashed an inland tidal wave that claimed hundreds of lives and did countless millions of dollars worth of 19th century damage.

It seems to me that the past couple of weeks show that the slop behind Trump’s dam, all those secrets and the the mess he has made, is approaching the breaching point.

If you have hope, hope that it happens that way and that the man has to scramble like a rat to the 2020 election, in which he will be crushed, I am certain.

It’s the cleanest dirty way to do it.