The GOP Reassures Itself As It Drifts Ever Closer to an Iceberg. Will the captain go down with the ship?

The string quartet is  getting ready on the deck and warming up to play “Nearer My God To Thee” even as the captain and his top crew members proclaim that things are mostly going to be okay.

Straining the metaphor? Yes I am.

Okay, Titanic is not a good comparison for the Republican Party at this point because the similes and things like that don’t line up well. But they are spouting unreality as they discuss the likelihood of their success in the fall.

And there is no chance at all that President Trump will stand firm at the wheel of state as the ship heads for the bottom. His track record indicates he would toss lots of people over the side then hop on their floating bodies to get to a safer place, Mar-eeeek-lago, I assume.

Here’s how its looking from way down below where the tourists bump into one another and the tea is not very good and the rats nibble on the crumpets….dammit, I have to get this image out of my head. I can’t make it work.

But to my mind, they are about to slam into a horrible mess in November that is going to send lots of them scurrying for lobbying jobs and whatever else they can find.

Why do I think this?

The whole party is shaking and, I fear, we haven’t actually seen anything yet.

President Trump is vibrating with anxiety, the whole cabinet is stumbling over itself to claim it was not the source of the New York Times op-ed that painted the chief executive as a hopeless, mendacious boobie who needs to be isolated until it’s time for him to go, and we haven’t yet even seen the whole text of Bob Woodward’s bombshell of a book.

These people are drifting deeper and deeper into the morass, so far that they have to imagine what sunshine looks like, because they can’t see it from where they have ended up.

And they are still in free-fall.

I’m not one of those people who believes the world awaits the next word from former President Obama, but I have to say it was grand to see him stretching his arms out and poking President Trump as hard as he has up to this point. He’s been a tad reserved the past two years. Clearly Trump is a great threat to democracy in Obama’s eyes. I hope he didn’t wait too long to call the man out.

But the real damage to President Trump and the Republicans isn’t being delivered by Obama. They are doing it to themselves! I have a hard time viewing Lindsay Graham as a moral compass for anything. The man will say what he has to to cover all his bets.

The rest of them should be quaking, if they aren’t already.

The only hope they have is that the Democrats, ever creative in hot election seasons, will wreck it on their own by doing something remarkably stupid. They have that kind of a track record.

Pray for them not to do that.

Meanwhile, Trump’s disapproval rating in a host of polls starts at 50 and goes on up.

Keep an eye on these numbers over the next couple of weeks.