President Boobie and the Big Winds!

Wowser, what a shitehead!

President Trump (Boobie for our purposes) used the approach of another big wind to re-live a few moments from his triumphant (?) visit to Puerto Rico during last year’s hurricane season to proclaim himself king of the help givers and curse the dems for killing people to dirty up his record.

When he got to Puerto Rico last year, Boobie said, there were only a couple of dozen dead people so he viewed his visit as some kind of a triumph, as though his presence had something to do with holding deaths down. To celebrate, he tossed rolls of paper towels to hurricane victims.

Nothing like a quicker picker upper when your life has been ravaged by a storm.

Time passed and lots more bodies were added to the count because as lovely as PR is, it is also an immense mess with very bad infrastructure and so on. It takes time for bodies to show up in those conditions. Trump blames the Democrats for inflating the count, but I think it was just God calling his people home in a most unusual and unhappy way.

I’ve been in hurricanes.

Not the way I want to go, please. My fear when I was out and about in two or three of them as a reporter is that one of those old fashioned pieces of aluminum siding would plant itself in my chest and kill me dead. They would find me the following Spring in runoff, with the siding still in place because, as everyone of any age knows, they made good, sturdy siding in the old days.

Okay, enough of this.

Everything Trump does is sounding like something from a bad movie about how not to be president. He has no intelligence. No compassion. No sense of goodness about him. He is a walking storm of lies and exaggerations, more clown than anything else.

I’m reading the Woodward book now so I don’t want to spend too much time on this latest abomination. The book is basically a festival of abominations anyhow and I don’t want to miss any of them.

Someone arrest this big pink baboon before he does any more damage.

Donald. Please don’t toss any more paper towel rolls.