This JUST in: Trump says he finds it hard to believe Judge Kavenaugh would have done that back in the what, 1980s? “We’ll have to make a decision. But I can only say this: He is such an outstanding man. Very hard for me to imagine that anything happened.” (Said the President who bragged about his ability to grab any pussy he wanted to.)



Bob Woodward’s new book “FEAR. Trump in the White House,” builds to a final sentence that perhaps says all that needs to be said about our president. Writing about attorney John Dowd’s experience trying to counsel the president, Woodward closes by saying Dowd saw the “tragic flaw” revealed by all the back-and-forth, the blasts about fake news, the tweets.

He could not bring himself to tell Trump “You’re a fucking liar.”

That may be the most important sentence in the book, not because it reveals anything about Trump. If you didn’t know by now that Trump is indeed a fucking liar, you have been living under a rock. It’s important, I would suggest, because it will be at the heart of Robert Mueller’s pursuit of the president.

He’s going to perjure himself right into an impeachment. It’s why so many people have tried for so long to keep Trump from meeting with Mueller. They all know he can’t say anything about anything without either misunderstanding the situation, or flat out lying about it. One will lead to embarrassment the president deserves. The other will force him to leave office.

Did Trump conspire with the Russians to knock Hillary Clinton’s campaign off track? Don’t know and probably never will. At least one half of that juicy story is in the vaults in Moscow, and the Russians aren’t going to talk about it and Mueller and his agents can’t get in there.

But they don’t have to.

All they have to do is get Trump at a venue in which he is delivering sworn statements and being subjected to cross. It won’t take two sentences for him to begin to lie and exaggerate or drift away from the subject. The Lie-o-meter will be running, click, click click, and all the feds will have to do is tabulate the results and create some kind of algorithm to assess the weight of all that mendacity.

I’m not kidding. Woodward’s book paints the picture of a miserable, conflicted man perfectly suited to the stage of tragedy, but not suited to the White House at all. He spins and twists and bounces around like a superball tossed into a concrete room. There is no truth in him, and I don’t believe he even recognizes that.

He spent so much of his time surrounded by people who just agreed with what he said, no matter how ridiculous, that he has concluded everything he says, everything he does, is correct. He is so wrong about that it’s hard to find a non-hyperbolic way to say it. Just stick with the fucking liar part and that’s enough.

So how is this going to play out?

First. stop being all criminal about this and recognize impeachment is a political process. The public has to be convinced their president is, indeed, a “fucking liar” and the game is almost over. We are obliged to provide some pressure in this process. On Congress. Yes. As you get more and more angry about what you hear about Trump, let your congress person know about it.

We need an election in which the righteousness that remains in the American electorate expresses itself quite clearly. Not all of the thieves and fools and liars and arrogant lawmakers will be swept out. Too much to pray for. But some of them are going to walk, maybe enough to send an earthquake across the political playing field. That would be good.

Democrats in charge of the House could go a long way toward exposing the fraudulent Trump that Bob Woodward describes in his book. Putting all of that in a formal record someplace is important. We don’t want to do this again, and that can help prevent the emergence of someone as bad, or worse. It will also get the righteous folks riled up.

Read the book.

Don’t get angry. Get active.

Vote and make certain everyone you know does, too.

We are, after all, immensely righteous and still fully in charge here.

If you don’t believe that, you will lose the power to use it.