How Our Election Was Wrecked…


You have to admire the spunk of the New York Times for unleashing a couple of reporters and a whole production staff to create this special section to tell you more than you ever wanted to know about what happens when Vladimir Putin decides to reach into your country and squeeze its election nuggets.

I don’t know how else to put it. It’s huge. It has a timeline. It has lots of detail and not too much speculation. And most of all, it’s immensely troubling because it is literally how open our process was to being messed with. That’s how we ended up with this huge orange Bozo to be our president.

Thanks Vladimir.

So now what?

Can’t honestly say. My assumption has always been that if we laid all of this out in front of everyone, most people would tire in the first few moments and go watch “The Americans” on the inter web and conclude then that they are informed. We are that stupid, I think.

For the few who actually read the whole thing and follow the time lines, God Bless You! In my days as a journalist, I put out lots of big sections and projects on things and I was always astounded that hardly anyone ever read all of them. That’s my arrogance speaking, of course.

We have little to no attention span and we can’t understand anything that can’t be explained on one sentence.

So here it is!

The Russians fooled with our election process however they could and the result is President Trump and a gnawing feeling inside that this won’t be the last time.