A Joisey Muscle Squirrel…from my bro

You don’t often get to see actual works of art on these websites so I wanted to present this as my favorite recent offering from my brother Mike, who lives in New Jersey with his wife and cat and who paints all day every day and sells his works all over. He is that rarest of things, a successful artist who works completely on his own terms.

So where did This come from?

We all went to the beach this summer to Bethany, Del. to hang out, eat peaches and enjoy one another. It was the third week of August. I left home with my well tended Gala and Fugi apple trees loaded with apples waiting to ripen. When I returned, they were almost all gone, the trees stripped by the persistent squirrels who are lovely, but as I said, persistent and so irritating.

Just the other day in the mail came a box of a variety of apples from my sister in law Elaine, who works at the fabulous Terhune Orchards in Joisey. And this card from Mike, offering a New Jersey squirrel that could have been a Soprano favorite, but they didn’t have squirrels on the Sopranos.

SquirelscanI am guessing you have never seen a squirrel like this one and neither have I. Truth be known, Mike saw it in his head, which is full of these kinds of images. This being what he could come up with on the destructive squirrel issue, imagine what he might present about the nefarious President Trump.

I don’t know. But if he does a Trump cartoon for me, I’ll write something to go with it and show it to you here!

Charlie Madigan