How Much Did Your Father Leave for You?

Of course, that is a completely rhetorical question but I will answer that in my own case, it was enough for my family to spend one week a year in a rental house at Bethany Beach for about a decade. Then it was gone. God bless him for that because we had immense fun there, especially when the kids were young.

It wasn’t about empire building. It was about building memories.

Not at all like the President!

Here is a remarkable piece of reporting from The New York Times that sticks into cement that thought you have had about Trump all along, that he is a fraud and that he lived off his father’s fortune for a long, long time.

No wonder President Fluster Bluster won’t release his taxes. I am certain its all there, and lots more. What we have in the White House is a real estate scammer who learned how to use lies and finagling and cheating to make it appear as though he were a big, big success.

He is not.

His father was and was a gracious enough kind of hood that he make sure the boy was well taken care of. This is no surprise.

I think I have reached a remarkable stage in the Trump presidency where most of my responses fall into the “of course” slot, which means none of it surprises me, impresses me or even worries me. Soon enough, he will be gone.

And prosecuted, I hope.

But gone for sure. Worst case about two years from now. Happier case, picky prosecutors  squeeze all these disloyal Trump hangers on and buddies and out pops a pestilent gob of ugly goo that has ben festering inside of him for a long, long time.

Rather than face that public embarrassment, he will quit, I hope and pray. But even if he doesn’t, his presidency is almost half over and Gawd only knows what other poo he will be smearing on this reputation before this is over.

I know. I know. Troubling! What’s to become of our country? And so on.

But such fun to watch!