Turdish Trumpian Performance

There is, of course, no actual word “turdish” but I think it applies for President Trump at this stage in his public, obvious and ridiculous decline. Perhaps I should explain. I meant it as a substitute for “turd like,” which sounded awkward to me.

Maybe we should have a contest for the most appropriate diminishing adjective.

You knew the president was going to shift to this mode just as soon as it became clear he had an audience that could be fueled by the kind of bile he has pumped out so many times since he blustered on to the national political stage.

But now he is just starting to look turdish in a most distinctive way, as though if you could just get close enough, he would smell like a lawn log put into place by a dog that only a few hours earlier dumped a bowl of chili on the floor and ate it.

That kind of turdish.

This is how I think of the President of the United States, and part of me hates myself for that because I even found things to like in Richard Nixon and, of course, Ronald Reagan. But this guy just leaves me gagging and reaching for something to quiet my innards.

Read the story that’s in bold up above. See what I mean.

I think Judge Kavanaugh needs to get away from this wave of turdish behavior before it taints him so much even his high school behavior will seem somehow right in character.