Pass the matches, President Lumpy

Okay, here’s how President Trump celebrated the elevation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. The gist of his statement in Kansas was that you don’t hand matches to an arsonist. But in politics, I would suggest that is exactly what you do and, in this case, is exactly what this lumpy mendacious blob has done.

He is handing power to an angry left-wing mob! Great!

First, the essence of the quote, about not handing matches to arsonists.

His entire presidential campaign in 2016 involved passing matches to arsonists, whether in the form of race baiting or reaching out to the nefarious Russians back when he was trying to get his hands on Hillary Clinton’s emails. He passes out matches at each one of his so-called campaign rallies even now.

So expecting the Democrats to behave themselves in the face of that is just unreal.

Trump counsel Don F. McGahn II, the New York Times reported, told Kavanaugh the only way he could salvage his nomination to the high court was to display all his anger and passion and whip up the Republicans on the committee (and by extension in the electorate) and bring the case home, which is what he did.

And it worked, not overwhelmingly, but it worked enough. A 50-48 vote was the response, just enough for confirmation just about along the lines of the parties in the Senate. There are a couple of object lessons at play in this vote.

The first is that the Democrats have to find a way to focus their anger on ideas, not on individuals. No one likes name calling in politics more than I, but that just doesn’t work with the bigger part of the American electorate, which is where the focus needs to be.

Forget about Trumps base, which is about 29 to 30 percent, and just reach out to the good folks who are waiting for word, for hope, for a reason, to cast ballots in November. They already hate Trump, so trying to stir up more Trump anger is wasted effort. There is already enough.

Find some vision, please. Revive Democratic ideology with a strong voice and a clear message. You can do this because you have done it before. We know President Trump succeeded by telling his people what they wanted to hear. The rest of the electorate might respond to a message that they should hear, like it or not.

We are in danger of losing our Democracy to a man who has no idea about its history, not a thought about its philosophy, nothing at all but self-interest. We are much better than that and we have just a few weeks left to show that to the people who make decisions in this country.

So do it.

Second, don’t be softened by the reports of polling numbers that show an advantage for Democrats. Just assume that isn’t there (even though it is) and run like your feet are on fire. You have everything to lose in a few weeks, and I can assure you the Republicans know that and will be trying every shenanigan they can think of to snatch victory from the jaws of what should be a resounding defeat.

Only a defeat will send the right message to the White House, which should be left quaking in its real estate developer shoes without any doubt.

These characters are going to bask in the Kavanaugh victory as though it were an omen of a brilliant election day on the horizon. It is not. It is a symbol of what happens when your math gets so far out of line that a clown can advance a nominee for the Supreme Court and actually seal the seat.

Send a message that we’re stopping this now.

And try to do it in a way that doesn’t open you to those old Republican charges of radicalism that worked so well in the past.

You have all the matches you need. You don’t have to use them.