Mobsters, stand up and cheer…proudly!

The latest White House scam as election approaches is to slap the label” unruly mob” on the Democrats and suggest they are being taken over by socialist lefties and young people. This transparent and foolish claim comes from President Trump, never shy about mobs in the past.

Okay, I think the only thing we can do is buy into the description, try to calm down the “unruly” part and push on, loudly and aggressively, to the midterm election coming in just a few weeks. Don’t put down your signs. Embrace one another all that you can, but not violence.

The bloviator is going to be hitting this theme so much it will gag you.

Its about all he has.

Here is why I don’t think its honest for him to do that, and more importantly, why it just won’t work. I think the mob he embraced after the Charlottesville riot a while back is a sign he has no sense of what is actually going on in the nation.

So he just babbles on about what he thinks might scare people into action.

Back in the day, Trump was claiming there were good people on both sides when violence broke out at one of those statue de-commissioning ceremonies down south, you know, when the Nazis and the Klan and everyone else from the darker side showed up to honor the Civil War southern dead.

Wrong then and wrong now.

You have a complete right to assemble and the First Amendment protects your right to proclaim whatever the hell you want to. This orange flap-doodler had no problem with gun toting far right wingers marching in the streets.

He should under stand the other side is allowed to have its day, too.

Election Day would be the one I would choose.