Dems, Steel Balls and Rubber Mallets

Truth be known, my weekly visit to the Evanston Farmers Market is not always happy for me. Walk past anything with Nutella in it. Walk past anything rolled up that contains jelly. Walk past baked goods (except five grain breads). Walk past anything really tasty. Get kale and spinach and root vegetables and the like. And like it. Because that’s how we eat at home.

There was a good distraction this Saturday, a friend from my college teaching days, a good 6 feet 7 inches tall, I would suggest, and always sincere. On this morning, he was sincere about what he had read in the New York Times about polling shifting the Republican Way the past couple of weeks. There was a look of pain in his eyes, that little brain crier was in there, ringing his bell and shouting, “It’s happening again.”

At times like these, I always just fall back on optimism and my lack of trust in polls of any kind. Don’t worry, I told him, we will be back. This election is NOT going to go THEIR way because it just can’t. They have simply been too stupid in their support for President Trump, too loyal in the face of his mendacious recitations about all kind of dubious things.

But, of course I am also worried.

One thing you have to say about the Democrats, they could fuck up a steel ball with a rubber mallet! And I’m one of them so I feel it is my right to complain. They have no genuine national leader at this point, so a collection of wanna be’s pops up at the wrong time and shouts embarrassing slogans and stuff like that. They dove right in up to their eyes for the California professor who claimed soon-to-be-Justice Kavanagh tried to plank her at a drunken party decades ago. I suspect that is completely true. It’s just that it was so badly handled it did nothing to advance the party’s cause. Or its case. It doesn’t do any good to build an argument around something that might have happened. We should all know that by now.

This election is going to be about women, I believe in my heart. That is a good thing because it is past due, I think. But it’s not going to be about Justice Kavanaugh and whether the FBI did its job well enough and whether a little more proof might have turned the Senate. That was not going to happen. Not EVER! So let’s stop pretending and move on to a bigger case.

We still have a president who claimed he was so popular and so powerful he could grab any girl by the pussy and she would just love it. That claim alone, dated though it was, should have disqualified him the first time around. Face it. The man is a big piggie. A disgusting, big piggie. Then there’s the Russians. And the golden shower story. And the income taxes. And the millions of bucks of money from daddy, and on and on and on.

And just because he was on television for a couple of seasons doesn’t mean he has half a brain in his head. TV is NOT about brains. It’s about emotion, cheap, repeatable emotion. Trump was a master at that, scaring pretend people about pretend jobs and looking all fierce. It was a stage persona!

He is not really like that.

What is he really like?

I don’t know and neither do you and neither do any of those blockheads in red hats who show up at his events. (Which keep happening too much, you know?) We have no idea who this man is. We only know the image he tries to present for a little while. Then he goes off to be by himself, for the most part, and spread more lies on Twitter. Can’t we all see this?

It’s hard to imagine Trump losing when the economy is so strong, but it could well happen. First, maybe the economy is not that strong! Pride goeth before a fall, or something like that. Also, we are in hock up to our eyes to the Chinese. If we had to pay back all that debt now, the whole nation would be on a potato soup diet. Or worse.

We really do need some change, and this upcoming election is presenting our first chance. Of course it is completely possible the Democratic Party will screw it up by trying to do something spectacular, when what is needed is something completely normal.

Truth. Justice. The American way.

It worked for Superman. It can work for us, too.