He’s Dead But We Won! Trumpian Logic

The sad, and thusfar secret, story of dissident columnist Jamal Kashoggi still awaits revelation, but it’s clear President Trump isn’t interested. What he cares about is the Saudi Arabian hierarchy, its loyalty to him and the fact that it has control over a lot of oil, but not as much as us.

A picture is emerging, brutal and repellant, of the death of a man who either was murdered outright or died during a severe interrogation in the Saudi embassy in Istanbul. Then he was chopped and sawed into small pieces and his body was disposed of. Rooms were freshly painted even as the Saudi denials became louder.

Okay, people just don’t step up and plead to murder, especially in a kingdom where no one questions the leadership’s ability to lie at will. But it looks like this dissident journalist and Green card holder from America was indeed slain. But to our president, it’s just another chapter in his media bashing bible, fake news and all.

We have now seen everything but the pile of parts that would render the man definitively dead, and Trump is still pumping out the Saudi’s theme that it might have been a gang of rogue killers who took him down. (What, by the way, is a rogue killer?)

I would say “this lying has to stop” but I think that time is long passed. We all know President Trump lies whenever he can, may not even recognize the truth and doesn’t care about the distinction between the two. Remember, one of his rationalizations after the Kavanaugh confirmation to the Supreme Court was “we won..” so nothing else matters.

We get into pretty deep water when we think that way. Life is not golf, or football, or baseball, or any other sport. Whether you win determines everything in those games. But thinking of international relations as a win-lose sport of some kind is foolish.

But that’s how the president measures things. Russian interference in the election two years ago? “We won” so it doesn’t matter. You can fit this measure into just about every scenario.

But this Saudi abomination is not going to go away so easily. The world is watching, and it is unlikely to accept the “rogue killer” argument Trump advances. He will continue to look like a dupe and a fool.

Can the midterm elections come soon enough?