A Murderous Seed Planted…

Right up front, I am going to say that I do not hold President Trump responsible for the pipe bombs sent to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama,  George Soros and CNN’s New York offices. Lots of people are going to jump to the conclusion that he was somehow complicit in these crimes just because he is such a loud, lying asshole. They have all figured most prominently in his loony campaign trail rants.

But there is no law against that, best I can tell.

However, there is lots of law against sending explosive devices to anyone, public figure or not, so I hope the person who put these things together is apprehended and severely punished because who needs this in such a divided, disagreeable nation?

So what role does Trump’s lying and deceitful finger pointing for all manner of imagined crimes play in a case like this? Here is where we must shift from the question of direct responsibility to a harder connection on a stage that is more about philosophy than it is about law enforcement. It explains so many things to put it on a “right and wrong” measure instead of making the linkage more direct.

Which is exactly what Robert Mueller and his investigators are most likely wrestling with as their deep probe of the Trump campaign and its connections to the Russians continues. (Also, it has gone way beyond Russian collusion at this point, so those denials from Trump have become basically meaningless. You can bet that a collection of serious crimes has been gathered, although not the ones we were expecting at the outset.)

Face it, philosophically, we have ended up with an immoral, dishonest president who understands that violations of truthfulness, hyperbole and smearing of enemies may be distasteful to many of us, but are hard to prove as crimes. I am hoping whatever Mueller presents, it takes note of the sour, ugly nature of this presidency. But probably not.

So, mail bombing?

No, you can’t blame Trump because of the way the law works. Yes, you can blame Trump because of the way moral philosophy works. It’s just that there is no penalty at hand for that kind of offense. One would assume the caring people of an intelligent nation would just toss the turd into a toilet someplace then wash its collective hands. But “caring” and “intelligent” clearly does not apply to everyone, our great misfortune.

I am certain there are people who sit back quietly in their seats and smile at the fact that someone sent bombs to Clinton, Obama and Soros. These three are the angles in a fantasy triangle of evil fabricated by the president. He has blamed them for hideous offenses (in the eyes of his blind followers) against the nation.

So why not just blow them up?

Well, first, because that’s accepting Trump’s genuinely twisted scenario, in which Soros finances caravans of criminals headed to our southern borders, Clinton unleashes waves of criminal behavior during her presidential campaign, Obama, the lying Kenyan in some dark corner of Trump’s brain, wrecks just about everything and CNN manufactures so much fake news you can’t believe any of it.

Of course you would want to blow them up, just to save the country.

That’s how some of these assholes obviously think. Particularly the one, or ones, who sent those pipe bombs. I hope they catch them so we can at least hear their logic. It might connect them philosophically to the president of the United States.

That, of course, would not be illegal.

Just immoral.

It’s an important distinction to remember as we approach election day. I have already voted, of course, for every Democrat I could find. Don’t let this vile man turn your head the way he likely turned the heads of the pipe bombers!