Finally, an opening! Dems, don’t blow it!

Well, that went better than I expected it would.

Important object lessons from Tuesday’s elections: 1. No matter how untoward it seems, race and fear are two important tools in President Trump’s campaign package. Keeping the Senate doesn’t mean a lot for Trump when we start to look at House victories and state houses the Democrats picked up. (On Wisconsin!)

Also, lets see where that caravan of northbound terrorists ends up. (Or are they just people longing to be free? I would go for that.) Can we ask the troops to stand down now?

I thought we were past the point at which dragging out those ugly old cliches about race and immigrants were going to work in a modern America. Guess what, we’re not yet modern America.

But don’t fret. We’re getting there.

Every last person I voted for won. But then I’m in the People’s Republic of Evanston here in the land of Lincoln. So I’m not surprised.

We didn’t win everything we wanted, and that is very clear. But we did win lots. Lots of governor’s mansions, lots of state House and Senate seats and lots of new Congressional seats.

I know President Trump likes to fight. But let’s see how he likes to fight when his opponent has subpoena power.

And finally, it’s Mueller time!

I have to do more thinking about all this. Then I’ll have more to suggest.