Digging In For A Two-Year Storm

It did not take long for something horrific to push the results of the midterm elections down on the priority lists. Mass murder at a country western bar where a bunch of college kids were line dancing will do that kind of thing. I’m thinking of building a device to pop into every story to remind people we live in one of the most violent places of them all, this dream land full of mentally ill veterans, angry people with guns and reasons, armed guys who hate Jews and, always, the same sweet collection of victims. People out having fun, or maybe praying, until a new reality intervenes. Kind of makes you want to just say at home, doesn’t it?

So the election is over and what did it show? Not much hope for Republicans in the northeast, incredible stickiness for some GOP office holders elsewhere, and a sense that the day did not produce everything it might have. I think that is because, as valuable as I believe news media is, it tends to overcook every pot on the stove so you might get a nice well done pot of stew or a smoking mess of something. I don’t know. I spent four decades in media and I am happy to not be there anymore because at least it made some sense when I was working.

Now, not so much.

If you caught the blow up between President Trump and CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta you know what I mean. It moved down the CNN news webpage along with everything else as mass murder became the theme of the day. By the time I got to it, it was a call for the media to walk out on the president, it had mutated into opinion before you could even snap your fingers!

This a day after the voters stripped Trump of his House support, setting the stage for two years of brutal politicking between the House and the Senate, which will most certainly be carrying water for the embittered president. Also, he fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions, no great loss to the most of us but at least a little buffer between the president and special counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating the bejaysus out of Trump.

I did what any sensible person would do on a Wednesday night after an election day. I went to a play with my wife, this one at the wonderful Writer’s Theater up in Glencoe on the North Shore, a delightful and provocative romp call “Witch.” It’s about making deals with an engaging devil. Well, actually it’s about women and why they can’t get a break and why men always lord it over everything and then inevitably, fuck it up!


I loved it, but I kept wondering all the way through what I would demand for my soul.

Face it, we all make deals with our own devils, which is why some folks think they can mess with serious dope and get away with it. Some people can. But most of us can’t. So that’s not what you want to deal about.

I think if the devil came to me and asked me to pick whatever i wanted, after I selected a career in music as a guitar player (and regretted it because the time is no longer right) I would rethink the whole question and just ask him to get rid of the asshole in Washington.

To which the devil would reply:

“Which one?”